Current Studio Training Class Times

The available class times for group training and private sessions in Karen's gym in Gibsonia, PA can be found in the calendar below. Please note that class times are subject to change without notice. All classes require an appointment. Call Karen to schedule yours today!

Pink boxes are group weight training classes.
Blue boxes are private sessions.
Orange boxes are yoga series classes.

All classes are one hour long.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM   7:30 Weights      
AM 8:15 Weights 8:30 Private 8:15 Weights 8:15 Weights 8:15 Weights
AM 9:30 Private 9:30 Weights 9:30 Weights 9:30 Weights 9:30 Weights
AM 10:45 Private 10:30 Private 11:15 Private 10:30 Private 10:30 Private
PM 3:30 Private 3:30 Private 3:15 Private 3:30 Private 4:30 Private
PM 4:30 Private 4:30 Weights 4:30 Private 4:30 Weights 5:30 Private
PM 6:30 Weights or Cardio 6:30 Weights or Cardio 6:30 Weights or Cardio    
PM 7:45 Private 7:45 Yoga Series 7:45 Yoga Series    

*This Friday night class is not available every Friday. See Karen for availability.
New class times are added on demand.
Training outside of the studio (on your site) is also available.